Our holistic approach means clients benefit from a seamless, integrated service resulting in projects delivered on time and within budget.

Partnering with market leading technology experts Deltabit are specialists in the fast emerging IP security market. We provide a complete range of services from consultancy, system design and specification through to project management and implementation of complex surveillance security camera systems


Through our strong relationship with the world’s premier camera manufacturer Axis Communications we are at the forefront of IP camera based technologies and solutions. Using open system software from Icode Systems we provide a comprehensive suite of monitoring and video analytic products and services.

IP security cameras deliver high quality images that may be shared remotely and provide intelligence which can detect motion, sound and tampering.

Email and SMS alerts can be sent when movement is detected outside certain parameters enabling the system to ‘exception report’ and provide you with information otherwise unavailable to you.

Our clients choose how much information is stored on their own servers, or use our hosting services which include remote viewing via mobile applications or web technology.

This Business Intelligence tool can be critical not only in capturing forensic, security-based information, but also to mitigate compliance and health and safety issues that are more frequently at the forefront of our client’s minds.

Sophisticated and complex systems benefit from complete and contextual information gathered through our business intelligence partner Altworx.

Utilising IP technology as the platform for your security and business intelligence strategy brings you up to date with the latest trends and consequently keeps control of the risks and behaviours in and around your business.

Access Control

Deltabit partners with industry leader Vindex Systems to provide state-of-the-art access control systems which can be fully integrated with our IPCCTV and Business Intelligence tools and solutions. This also includes the visitor management system, Easylobby.

Our Care and Support Service includes telephone and on-site support with fully customised SLAs.

  • Compliance
  • Remote viewing
  • E-mail & SMS alerts
  • Business intelligence
  • Forensic security based information
  • Access control systems

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