Pulp Retail


With this profile of merchandise PULP were acutely aware of the potential for stock loss, but equally forward thinking in terms of seizing the opportunities technology could provide for understanding business and customer behaviours associated to their leading edge retail position.

Through his previous experiences as Head of Loss Prevention at HMV, Andy was extremely familiar with the CCTV, Security and Surveillance marketplace as well as the emerging video analytics technologies. He turned to systems integrator Deltabit, an Axis Communications Partner, to answer his brief for an affordable system that could not only fulfil the basic security function but could also add real value through providing real time information about the business.

“We know our brand and position would attract the discerning fashion set but we particularly wanted to know how our merchandising was working and how we might be able to optimise traffic flow, dwell times and staffing levels – the security element was always going to be a standard bi-product.”

ANDY MARTIN – CEO, Pulp Retail


The camera solution needed to be not just a security solution but Pulp required a system that would show footfall, head counting and motion mapping to allow then to maximise on sales throughout their stores.

The solution

Deltabit worked alongside Axis to specify a package of standard IP cameras tailored for the different areas of the retail outlets that would provide coverage of all key areas. Deploying iCatcher Console software platform Deltabit provided motion detect digital recording and remote monitoring capabilities.

The iCatcher software is supported with a PDA application so that not only can the business monitor each site remotely from its Headquarters but management can log into any camera from literally anywhere. The Deltabit solution is backed up with a managed hosted service so that video footage can be retrieved from a centralised server should the local Digital Video Recorder (DVR) be stolen or damaged or if footage older than 30 days is required to be stored.


"The system has already paid for itself as we have made staffing level changes to suit the statistical footfall of the branch based from real time information rather than staff perception of how busy the store is. We have also gleaned invaluable information about how customers react to our merchandising campaigns and strategies as well as identifying buying patterns by gender and approximate age."

ANDY MARTIN - CEO, Pulp Retail

Pulp Retail choose Deltabit for Intelligent Analytics using IPCCTV

Pulp Retail is the latest in high fashion clothing and accessories to hit the UK high street. Opening their first store in Nottingham in 2008, PULP have grown from strength to strength with 12 stores opening by the end of 2010. They offer customers the music and popular culture inspired fashions, the latest streetwear, fashion accessories and gifting.

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