Alpine Energy Trading


Deltabit were recommended to Alpine through an existing client to consult and design a new network infrastructure and telephony platform to support their business needs.


As Alpine were a newly formed company, it was important to design and implement the IT systems in a relatively short time frame to ensure that the business was ready to commence trading as soon as possible.

As part of the project, Deltabit had to work closely with other suppliers to provide the framework for the design and construction, which included network cabling and audio visual systems. A further requirement for this project was the future proofing of their infrastructure to facilitate their growth plans, all of which added to the complexity and the necessity to execute the project efficiently within tight time scales.

The solution

In order to tackle the task ahead, the project was split into three phases.

a. To build a system in the back office area which had been designated by Deltabit as the best location, as it was not required for office use and would otherwise be left vacant.

b. As part of the office construction Deltabit managed and implemented a network cabling infrastructure to support the data voice and audio visual environments.

c. To relocate the existing work space in the back office, into the newly designed and refurbished area.

During the course of this project a dedicated project manager was assigned to oversee all three phases of the IT project. Deltabit had to minimise the time taken to design, build and implement the IT infrastructure. Through Deltabit’s knowledge and foresight, steps were taken to ensure that external suppliers providing critical services such as; internet and telephone lines were completed within specified time frames.

Deltabit planned the programme with precision so that the network environment was pre-staged at our London headquarters in preparation for the agreed start date for the trading of Alpine. To enable flexibility of data, voice and audio visual environments within the office. Deltabit managed designed and implemented the network cabling infrastructure during the construction phase. Network redundancy has a major impact on Alpine Energy as this is a trading environment. In order to facilitate such extreme changes in the systems’ usage Deltabit created a diversely routed cabling service.

On completion of the construction project, it was necessary for Deltabit to relocate all services and hardware from the back office to the newly refurbished work space. This required meticulous planning during the entire project management process, including third party services to enable the relocation of internet and telephone lines to the newly built comms room.

Once all the third party services were re:positioned the network infrastructure was also moved to the pre designated areas of the office. Deltabit then began testing all areas of the services and systems that were created to assist in the smooth day to day running of Alpine Energy’s business.


"Deltabit were able to get us up and running with all the business systems we required as a new company: IT infrastructure, internet and telephones. I attribute the success of the project to having a dedicated project manager, careful planning and co-ordination, which meant our trading floor was ready for business in a short period of time. Moreover, I was impressed by the project team’s flexible approach, their willingness to go the extra mile in providing solutions and often a personal service to our users."

ANDREW DOIG - Risk Manager, Alpine Energy Trading

Alpine Energy Trading were a start up company, based at Grosvenor Street, London, trading in natural resources such as gas and oil.

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